i really want this brass cuff. wave bracelet by Linanoel Jewelry available as a Whisper Edition.

file under birthday gifts for myself

i really love this. it's a ceramic tongue pipe. made by TROLL and available at alldayeveryday.
i just like this. ferm living half moon basket at leif.

looking for perfect little black (leather) jacket

one of my goals this year is find and purchase the perfect leather jacket that i shall have for the rest of my life. these are two i like. top: madewell clean leather jacket. bottom: reformation arctic jacket



'pyramid planter' at leif

rolling flower pots! these allow the plants to move toward the sun!


i'm about to go see this polly apfelbaum show at clifton benevento and i'm so excited


'emergent behavior' series of photographs by thomas jackson


i love this kind of silverwork. this is a great article about traditional lao lum silverwork, via handeye


this is called 'abyss table' by duffy london. it's the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. i think i would honestly pay $10,000 or whatever it is that this costs.  the layers of glass and wood replicate the depths of the ocean.


hitomi hosono makes incredibly beautiful fine art ceramics inspired leaves and flowers. (via)


i am in love with this wallpaper, swell, by aimee wilder



ooh .... beautiful lighting by bec brittian